Blood is a Precious Thing

From master storyteller, Terri Atwell, comes the first in a series of  exhilarating  tales about a family of dark fairies. This first book introduces us to our heroin. Tansa Lavey who has been separated from her sisters. Her only desire is to get them home safely. However, when she finally finds  and  rescues them, Tansa ends up starting a War.

"We could start a war, you and I," Tansa said, "but at what cost? How much gold are you willing to spend? How many people are you willing to send to their death?  I have an idea,” Tansa offered. “We could make peace. We could drink wine together. We could be friends. What do you say?"

“We could do this peace you speak of,” Mona said. “There is, however, a flaw to your thinking.”

“What is that?” Tansa inquired.

“Well it is simple, really,” Mona said. “The war has already begun. You started it. And now, I mean to finish it.”